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Behind The Muse – Lady of the Month

Hello fellow Bloggers! So some great things have happen within the course of few days. With everything that’s been going on healthwise, this has been a breath of fresh are to take part in. 

Three wonderful ladies have a fashion blog called Behind the Muse , where they feature different ones who intrigue inspiration. I was honored to be featured in their blog for this month !

It features a video interview of myself that explains more of my character and how I started writing. Also, explaining some more things in my book and what I have in store for my future readers ! 

Click this link to see the FULL interview ❤️Book Interview

Also I had the pleasure of being a guest Speaker at Roselle High School NJ. I spoke with a group of students who were apart of a club ( People of Color Alliance) and also some from the CreativeWriting Class. I was truly humbled by both experiences an being able to reach hearts. 

I had my first spoken word which was soooo awesome yet nerve racking ! But to hear my words come forth, it really embodies the type of person I am. In writing it’s taught me so much about myself and where I want to go in my journey as a women learning to love her heart. 

It’s really no easy task but it’s beautiful healing my own pain. Telling myself and my heart that things will be okay. I never knew I could honestly be my “own” best friend. This has put my in a open and vulnerable place where people are learning parts of me that are painful. 

But I also I’m very avid in providing a space for people , especially women, to feel safe in expressing themselves. Many may not be in a position to or maybe just don’t know how. And feeling a presence of someone through words is very unique and beautiful feeling. 

I hope that I can entrust and touch more and more hearts it’s truly a goal of mine. This is only the beginning! Thank you all for supporting me and if you haven’t gotten your copy yet please do today! It’s available on Amazon! 


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