self love

Emotional Guilt

Hi guys !

I’m so sorry I haven’t kept up with my blog for quite a few weeks. I have been busy with nurturing my IG page ( speakunspokenly) and Twitter ( lanillarose) with my work which by the way give me a follow if you haven’t already 🙂 But this will be short and sweet.

Also trying to take care of myself health wise which leads into our conversation :

Having emotional guilt – So i am sure we can all admit that we are our worst enemy right? We are constantly badgering ourselves and giving, giving and giving without refueling.

Many times, I found myself feeling like i needed to pay more attention to the people around me and making sure they were okay as oppose to myself. Why is it that we do that ? I have found that when their is a constant hole inside of me that needs to be filled, I am always searching for someone else to complete that for me. But others are able to do as they please without necessarily considering my emotions. How is that fair?

Now heres the thing – it all depends on your intentions. Their are just some people who are truly selfish and who just don’t care about giving back what they receive. But the important thing is who we are giving our precious gems to. Are they worthy of it or are you left in emotional debt in return? I always felt so guilty if i said “no” but i would feel crushed when others said it to me.

Here I would be sick or in the hospital and who was there sitting next to me .. Or calling me or texting me just to see if i am okay.. But i run to there rescue.

See, it is all about balance. Its okay to give and be there for someone but don’t let it get to the point of where someone gets comfortable and has an emotional leverage against you. Thats not benefiting you in any way. You have to start saying no and prioritizing yourself and your needs,

How can you offer, if you don’t offer to yourself what you give to other people?

Let’s talk about it 🙂


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