self love

Don’t be a slave to approval

Have you ever just felt like you are constantly misunderstood? Every time you open your mouth to someone, you feel should understand you, it just turns into thin air? 
I read something so profound that basically explained how when we are frustrated with how we are being treated it goes deeper than just the situation. We have to sit back and analyze where in our lives were we treated the same in our childhood. 
I put it this way: when we become angry for whatever particular reason, we tend to look at others as a punching bag. Instantly we start lashing and trying to explain our plight and how we feel; desperately wanting them to understand. We want to be validated right? But at times we may almost NEVER receive validation from whom we want it to come from. You ever feel worse off after arguing or going off on someone? It didn’t solve anything other than making the situation that much worse. 
Everyday I am coming to this resounding conclusion that any and everything we go through always points back to us. Wouldn’t you agree if your more confident, the less effected you would be by what others think? If you love yourself more than appeasing others, wouldn’t you be left less disappointed? If you are comfortable with who you are and being alone, would you be content if someone leaves you? 
We can break this down into various situations where this can apply. Don’t get me wrong, this is WAY easier said than done but I can almost assure you that it makes a lot of sense if you think about it. The insecurities, the aches, the pains all derive from within us. We can’t look to others to neither fix it nor validate it. Ultimately people sense our pushing to try and be something we are not like blood to a shark. We may have some that we can depend on that understand our situations but we can never truly feel BETTER until we BELIEVE it. 


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